Sleepy Wolf Farms is a small, family owned and operated organic farm nestled in beautiful Southwest Ohio. Our mission is to produce an expertly crafted, smokable hemp flower chock-full of potent CBD that has superior quality, robust flavor, and aroma. 

Sleepy Wolf is a personal dream in motion. Although Joe Wolf and his wife Katie enjoyed the surface of their suburban life in Cincinnati, Ohio, they began to feel a pull towards something different. They dreamed about a life in the country, where they and their young daughter Ky could live closer to nature, in a more sustainable, authentic, back-to-the-basics way. They began to research homesteading and environmentally-friendly farming practices. When the 2018 Farm Bill passed and hemp became federally legal to cultivate, purchase and consume, they knew it was time to take action. They selected the perfect plot of land and founded Sleepy Wolf Farms in 2020. 

From the moment that they began, Joe set about to learning everything he needed to make Sleepy Wolf’s hemp top-notch. He studied his property intently. He worked nonstop to transform the barn into a grow room. He prepared his fields, sourced high-quality seeds, bought his first tractor, and began growing. He now cares for his 6 acres with ongoing gusto and is determined to hone his craft with each season that passes. 

There is no mass production at Sleepy Wolf. The entire process is environmentally-safe and performed on-site with the utmost care and concern. This means that from the time that the seeds are sewn, to growth, flower, harvest, slow cure, hand trim and eventually packaging, no detail is neglected. Joe personally inspects each and every single bud that is grown on his farm. The result is organic, crafted, CBD-rich smokable hemp flower of unparalleled quality. 

Joe and Katie stand behind their product. They run a fully-compliant and safety-screened operation. They are extremely sensitive to the environmental impact of their procedures, processes and packaging. Each plant is grown with love, from seed on their farm to shipment at your doorstep. 

Welcome to a world of hand-selected, boutique buds that are all treated with personal care and strict consideration. Welcome to Sleepy Wolf Farms.